A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – How to Win the War

The best squirrel proof bird feeder has to be smarter than a squirrel. It must thwart all attempts of those crafty mammals stealing your wild bird seed from your beloved backyard bird feeders. A squirrel’s wit and perseverance should never be underestimated.

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There are spinning squirrel proof bird feeders, ones enclosed in wire cages, those that have feeder ports that shut when the weight of a squirrel sits upon them and so on. The Brome Squirrel Buster Plus is one of the best feeders for doing the job. There are even those that shock the squirrels, but really is going overboard and is unnecessary. I mean they are squirrels; we should be able to figure this out without using torturous means, right?

Let us review some basic squirrel proofing techniques. First off, squirrels can jump really far. So if you place your bird feeder next to any structures such as trees, sheds, fences you will need to keep at least ten feet of distance between them and the feeder.

The next thing to use to fend off squirrels is placing a squirrel baffle on your feeder. If you squirrel feeder is mounted on a pole, you will need to install a baffle on the pole below the feeder. Squirrels can climb the slipperiest poles, so do not bet on the pole alone. Your best best is a baffle that is at least sixteen inches in diameter placed one foot below the bottom of the feeder.

If your feeder is not pole mounted and is a hanging feeder, you will need to install a baffle from the top. Place a titling baffle that is at least eighteen inches in diameter above the feeder. A tilting baffle is better than a stationary one because when the squirrel lands, it will spill him off to one side instead of allowing him to reach under to the feeder.

If you hang your feeder from a tree branch or something similar and the baffle along is not working, then you may have to go a step further. You can suspend the feeder from a horizontal line that is tied between two trees or other structures. But alas, you are not done with squirrel proofing yet.

In order to keep squirrels from tight rope walking across the line to the feeder, you will need one more line of defense. You can first try using fishing line which is really thin and makes it difficult for squirrels to walk on and across to the feeder. But if you happen to have especially nimble squirrels, you will have to go a step further.

Before installing the line from which you will hang the bird feeder from, you will need to add a couple of items. Get two pieces of pvc pipe tubing or similar and slide them onto the line. Your feeder will then hang between the two pieces of pipe. Now when a squirrel approaches the feeder and get to the free spinning pipe, he will spun right off to the ground.

Squirrels can be maddening to the backyard bird feeder enthusiast who just wants to relax and enjoy watching the birds. But if you take these aforementioned preemptive strikes to squirrel proofing your feeders, you will win the all the battles and the war.