Bedroom Furniture That Will Stand the Test of Time

The first furniture set my husband and I looked to buy when we were getting married was nice bedroom furniture. We decided that since our bedroom was a place where we would spend a lot of time, considering people sleep about a third of their lives away, we wanted comfortable and stylish bedroom furniture which would last us a long time. Thinking that this was going to be a large purchase, we planned to look around a lot and consider all of our options before we would make the purchase. We looked at antique furniture, discount furniture, traditional furniture stores, and American made North Carolina furniture as well.

In our quest for just the right bedroom furniture set, we considered whether we wanted to go with a solid wood or a more modern lacquer or painted look. For our needs, we decided on hardwood, specifically something made of cherry wood, and began our search looking for just the right bedroom furniture set.

The first consideration we had while selecting our bedroom furniture set was the quality of its manufacture. We were looking for a bedroom set to last our lifetime and not something made of particle board which we would have to replace in a few years. While composite wood products are fine for some things, we wanted well-made, hardwood furniture which would last for generations. For this quality, we were prepared to shell out a decent chunk of money if we had to.

Like many people do, we went to our local North Carolina furniture stores and walked around, felt the furniture with our hands, and sat on the beds and chairs. We were trying to get an idea of which pieces we would want and which would fit into our rather small apartment bedroom. Our first choice was a large cherry wood four poster bed, large dresser and two night stands. We took some measurements and went back to our apartment to check to see if everything would fit. Alas, our potential bedroom furniture set was perfect for us; however, it was not quite so perfect for our small space.

After this short set-back, we went out again looking for some similar bedroom furniture which would fit in our apartment-sized bedroom, but would be something we could add more pieces to as we bought our first home in a couple years. We found a similar set, by the same furniture manufacturer, and wrote down the model numbers and decided to think over our purchase after we returned home.

At home, we went on the Internet to see what we could find about the specific manufacturer we had selected. Online we found that this maker had a great reputation and people who owned their furniture were happy that they had purchased it. This made us feel like we were making a good decision.

While reading about our potential bedroom set online, we stumbled upon a website which sold the same set, and it was selling for a nice discount in price. Even with shipping, we were able to buy our bedroom furniture from this online discount furniture store for less than the local store.

When you are in the market for your own furniture you will want to take into consideration your budget, the style you like, and what options you have for making the best purchase. The easiest way to do this is to touch and feel the furniture locally, and then look online to see what’s out there and how much the costs are. You might be pleasantly surprised, as we were, and get a great deal!

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