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So why not pick studio names that communicate charm, like Magnolia Pictures, Lotus Home Entertainment, or Drew Barrymore’s Flower Productions. You do not need to limit yourself to botanical film company names either name your business after anything you find gorgeous, whether it’s Little Red Automobile Productions or Egg Sandwich Entertainment. The very best way to let an audience know what to anticipate from your production business is to advise them of something you’ve already produced.

It might be the title of your trainee film, as it was for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Or, if you starred in 2 funny blockbusters in the mid-90s, mash-up their titles like Adam Sandler carried out in calling Happy Madison Productions. But maybe you haven’t made something just yet. Or, you feel indebted to artists that came before you and inspired by their work.

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Quentin Tarantino’s A Bande Apart Films is a not-so-subtle nod to Jean Luc Goddard’s 1964 French New age timeless, Bande a prt what else would you expect the encyclopedically referential director? Will Arnett’s Electric Opportunity is named after Eddy Grant’s really memorable 1982 funk tune. Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Productions referrals a 1967 Star Trek episode.

Or possibly the very best is yet ahead for your production business, as it was for David Ellison, who established Skydance Media in 2006 to finance Flyboys, a film in which he starred. Skydance then went on to back a few of the years most adrenaline-pumping action experiences. By brainstorming production business names that highlight a project or concept you are working towards, you can set a beacon that will light the way forward, guiding your company as you start out.

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There’s a broad swath of imaginative source material to pull from here, whether it’s the quaint and sentimental, like Rockinghorse Films, pulled directly from the jungle health club, like Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment, or something more authentically awkward, like Head Gear Films. In all cases, nostalgia can be an extremely rich production company name generator.

There’s Tradition Pictures, Dimension Films, Relativity Media, and Centuries Films, amongst numerous others. If you are having difficulty finding the right astonishing, paradigm-shifting vaguely crucial noun to embrace as your company’s brand-new name, turn open the dictionary (or twenty-first century internet equivalent). Selecting from it at random may show to be the finest production business name generator.


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By playing it straight, you will lay the foundation of a growing company empire, like IM Worldwide. Alternatively, by not taking yourself so seriously, you can satirize boardroom stuffiness, like David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, Zach Kanin’s Zanin Corp, or Nicholas Stoller’s Stoller Global Solutions. The third and final method to lend a grand sense of value to independent movie company names (and yes, there are just three methods) is to focus on the superlative quality of your business’s work.

Or you could be the very best of the very best, like Maven Pictures. Perhaps you are simply actually good at taking tests, like Grade A Home entertainment. Whichever it is, by veering towards studio names that reveal your company’s preeminence, you will not-so-subtly let others know that you are the genuine deal in your email bio and on your wage.