Getting Rid of Black Ants in the House

Black ants are commonly found in major parts of Asia, Europe and North America. They are one of the most common pests that swarm in your house, especially during summers. These ants feed on anything they may find, such as insects, vegetables, honeydew, sweets, etc. They are especially attracted towards sweet and sugary substances. If you are looking for some easy ways to get rid of ants in your place, then read on!

You must understand that during the mating season, the queen ant develops wings and fly to a new place to mate and form a new colony. So, to prevent the new colonies from being formed and to deter the further birth of ants, you must kill the queen ant. The queen ant is generally at the base of the nests. Like for any other organism, food is very essential for the survival of ants. Black ants enter you house because they get so much to feed on in your house. Thus, unclean house, untidy kitchen, unclean dishes, open leftovers, standing water in kitchen sink are some places that offer open invitation to black ants.

How to get rid of little black ants.

So, the preventive measures you must adopt to stop black ants from swarming into your house include keeping the house clean, keeping the food well covered and stored in air tight containers. Wash the dishes regularly and drain the water from the sink. Ensure that your kitchen is clean and dry. No spills or other debris should be lying on the counter. This will restrict the food source for ants and hence, they may not enter your house.

To ensure optimum cleanliness, mop the kitchen counter, cabinets, tables and floors with bleach. Also, remember to mop regularly. If you have carpeted floors, vacuum them regularly. Also vacuum clean the mattresses, sofas and other cushioned furniture. This will ensure that they remain free of any small quantities of food that might have fallen on them.

It has been a common observation that black ants tend to attack the food bowls of the pets, as they are kept out in the open. Since your pet needs to be fed from time to time, you can’t clean the bowl every now and then. But there is an easy solution! Take a large bowl which is not much deep and fill it with water. Now place the food bowl of your pet inside it. The water will act as a barrier that will deter the ants from attacking the pet’s food bowl.

In case you find a scout ant, kill it then and there. After killing it, wipe the area with disinfectant. This will ensure that the other ants following the scout ant will lose the trail to the food source. Also, seal the crack and other entry points of the black ants. Vinegar, salt, cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric are some other useful substances for this purpose. If you are able to locate the ant hill, destroy it. For this purpose, boric acid powder and diatomaceous earth are two most effective substances.