How To – Hiring Jumping Castles

Perhaps in your lifetime, you rarely knew someone who hires out jumping castles for their party. Thus, having this on your child’s party would make it extra special. It may also mean that you should do your own research on how to rent jumping houses since this is fairly a new idea to most parents. But really, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

First, you have to determine how much it is going to cost you to have a jumping castle. Will you consider purchasing or simply renting them? If you are hiring one, you have to ask the rental company the following:

What does the service includes?
What are the electrical equipment required?
What is the lawn area required for different sizes of castles?
What are your safety measures?
Are they going to provide someone to look after the castle during your party? How much would it cost you for this extra service?
How long will it take to inflate and deflate this?

Make a list of the things you would like to ask because some companies do not tell you important details unless you ask them. You should also look for proof of approval from the health inspection department in your area, and their business license. Also maybe you could get referrals from their previous clients as they would have more idea on what to look for in selecting jumping castles.

You also have to consider how many children you are inviting and the weight that it will toll upon the jumping castles. You could tell if it is a good company if they respond generously to your questions and requests. They should consider all aspects of renting out jumping castles, after all, it is their business. They should also brief you on what they would do in case of emergencies and how to avoid them. It is an electronic device after all, and accidents happen, you also have to consider that. They should know how to deal with rowdy and playful kids, and at the same time ensure their safety.

Renting jumping castles may be a new thing for you but do not worry as long as you have considered every safety and sanitation aspect of them you could never go wrong. They already provide the fun and decoration in your lawn. Surely, everyone would have a great time in your next party. Also do not forget to jump into the castle, after all, it’s not just for kids.

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