How to Remodel a Bathroom For the Handicapped

Bathrooms are a place essential for everyone’s natural need, and no one can live without having such a place. It becomes very difficult for the handicapped persons to utilize the same common bathroom as in use of normal family members without making any changes best suitable and required for them. That is why remodeling of bathroom becomes very essential if you are living with a family member who has some mobility issue due to some health cause or elderly age. Although there are some international standards also involved if to be followed before designing a new bath room but especially in case if you suddenly encounter such issue then you must need to remodel your existing bath room which can then become useable for your handicapped member. There are several necessary decisions to make the bathroom accessible for the persons having some disability. Following is a list of such to help you while you plan for the remodeling of the bathroom.

A person has to enter in the bathroom through a door so let’s start with the door. The door of the bathroom should be wider enough so that a wheelchair can pass through that door and another expensive opinion is that the door should be automatic or remote controlled so that a person having mobility challenge can pass through it conveniently.

Now here comes the total area inside the bath room. As a wheel chair needs some place and maneuverability inside the bathroom therefore the bathroom should be wider enough so that a wheel chair can be turned and moved inside it.

Let us have a look on the floor of the wash room now. It must be made through some non slippery material. Do not use tile or vinyl unless it is sanded.

If there are some plumbing or electrical wirings exposed then these must be isolated to eliminate the possibility of contact.

Bathroom furniture edges should be round and no sharp edge should be there which can harm a person.
A bath tub is advised to be avoided and a walk in shower is considered the best option to be used by the disable persons so that a wheel chair can roll under it.

– Grab bars must be installed in the bath room so that anyone can use it when required.
– Commode height needs to be raised so that easy shift to commode becomes possible.

The shelves should be placed low on the wall so that a wheelchair user can easily pick and place from those. The electric switch to on or off the light of the bathroom should be accessible by the handicapped person. There is also another thing to be considered and that is the bulbs, as if a bulb got fuse then the disable person might need help of someone to change it. So it is advised that fluorescent bulbs or LED’s should be used for the long life.

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