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Your confusion about the numerous types of faith is understandable. Obviously, as followers we are not eventually thinking about different forms of theology, but instead: what do the Scriptures teach when interpreted plainly? As we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures, and especially when we sit at the feet of those whom God has raised up to assist us in this undertaking (Eph.

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If the Scriptures themselves are unchanging, then why is it that various teachers appear to fall under various “camps” of analysis? There are many factors which contribute to these distinctions of viewpoint about what the Scriptures teach on secondary problems, but possibly the biggest influence has to do with how one checks out the Scriptures.

Likewise: are differences which are discovered within the text represented or are they glossed over or even worse, “spiritualized” in an effort to find a much deeper meaning or application which differs from that which the original author planned. Another prominent element concerns predispositions and biases which interpreters bring to the text.

The combination of these aspects helps explain why the different doctrinal systems came to be. Furthermore, once particular aspects of one’s interpretive view have been established, other aspects of Scriptural mentor tend to follow. Hence, although there are numerous variations in doctrinal positions, a lot of tend to fall into one of several significant classifications such as Covenant, Reformed, or Dispensational.

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Luther was likewise a Reformer, he proved more reticent to distance Reformation teaching and practice from some aspects of tradition which held sway in Roman Catholicism although all the Reformers were reacting against it to an excellent degree. This can be seen in distinctions in liturgy (Reformed Faith rejecting anything and whatever which does not discover its basis in Bible) and in views concerning the Lord’s Supper (Luther’s view being slightly closer to Rome’s than that of the Swiss Reformers).

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In time, Reformed Faith likewise came to represent distinctive elements of the Reformation which discover expression in the now popular “TULIP” acronym: Overall depravity, Genuine election, Minimal satisfaction, Irresistible grace, Determination of the saints. Thus, Reformed Theology has a really high view of God’s sovereignty in matters of historyespecially concerning the election and predestination of those who are conserved.

Sound in idea (believers are to be salt and light and oppose and expose works of darkness Pr. 28:4; Mat. 5:13 -16; Eph. 5:11), where this cultural mandate is taken to an extreme it can result in an over-emphasis on social work and even the denial of Scriptural truth worrying the forecasted apostasy of this age and the reality of the coming adversity (Mat.

Covenant Theology Covenant Faith sees the relation of God to mankind as a type of compact which God developed as a reflection of the relationship existing between the 3 individuals of the Holy Trinity. Covenant Faith translates all of Scriptural reality through the interpretive lens of 2 or sometimes three covenants.

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Doctrinal stress was high in Holland following the Synod of Dort (1619 ). particularly against the mentor of double predestination (the decrees of election and reprobation). It was at this time that Cocceius advanced his theory worrying the Covenant of Grace and the Covenant of Works, in which he soft-pedaled the teaching of predestination.