Starting Off Right in Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) MMORPG

It’s often difficult for new players to get up and running with Dungeons and Dragons Online. If you’ve never played this type of MMO before you’ll notice this statement hits home pretty hard. Due to many changes in the game, the free edition of DDO is nothing like the first released several years back. Much like other MMO’s it continues to grow and progress in complexity. Experienced MMORPG’ers will have no problem appreciating the uniqueness that DDO has to offer. Dungeons and Dragons Online sports only PVE elements so if you’re a PVP thrill-seeker you may want to explore other games. Keep this in mind before beginning the game.

You first start the game at the character creation screen. Choosing your race in DDO is particularly crucial, so pay close notice to the in-game explanations for each. Propose a name that will fit the play style you intend to present in the game. While some would say that some races are “better” than others, each has a distinctive function or class that will compliment the choice; there is no ultimate race. Humans are somewhat considered the middle class, they tout a little fleck of everything. Some players opt to make a choice plainly based on how the race looks while others are total stat-mongers. As the game rolls forward, your character will take shape into whatever you can imagine through DDO’s unique class system; keep a clear focus on what the goals for your character are and you won’t go awry. Customizing your character’s looks may take some time; consider how you plan to play the character before designing their look.

You will need to determine where to exhaust your additional stat points. Think about how your stat points will impact the class you intend to play. You will also have points to spend on skills. The points exhausted here will determine the type of character you will be playing. You will also need to appoint the feats that exemplify how you wish to play your character.

After all the customization is finalized you will commence your journey. Welcome to Stormreach Harbor! For Reaper miniatures click here. Take on some quests and discover if the choices made in the character select screen are appropriate for you. If you’re not satisfied with your character, start over immediately. Don’t trick yourself into thinking it will improve… Dungeons and Dragons Online is pretty quick in showing you what it has to offer. DDO’s audio chat characteristic is great when crawling dungeons for the first time or with newly found friends. Even if you don’t own a mic it’s worthwhile to just pay attention to your group mates’ discussions. DDO does have a LFG feature but it’s more prudent to contact players directly instead of waiting idly for a group. The game gives you the option to solo dungeons, my question to you would be why? Reach out to people, make friends and relish the community. Thanks for reading!