The Best SEO Companies

There are over 14 billion online searches each and every month. That number is not likely to diminish anytime soon. Is your website getting any of that search engine action? If not, chances are you need the help of a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company.

How do you choose the best SEO Company for you and your site? What do you look for in a successful SEO company? The online world is constantly changing. It rarely remains static. That’s why you want a company that offers continuous customer support and makes adjustments to your SEO plan, whenever necessary.

If you want your site at the top of all those relevant searches, it must contain trustworthy information. That’s what search engines look for, and the top is where you want to be at the Best Singapore SEO Company.

The best SEO Companies strategically build the relevance of your website so that all the big search engines know your website offers what people want. The result is top placement on their results page, which means more traffic for your site.

What can you hope to receive from the best SEO Companies?

•An account manager who will take a real interest in your business, from products to services. This person will be well-acquainted with your target market and will work to hit the goal.

•An evaluation of your site, from structure to content to keyword density and other factors critical to SEO success.

•An assessment of your site’s keywords competitiveness, including the development of a strategy to target search phrases that will bring business to your site.

•A detailed flow chart outlining the activities necessary to build success.

•Timely implementation of all tasks to ensure a quick rate of success.

The best SEO companies deliver a significant increase in website traffic and a return on investment (ROI). Before you choose a company, be sure to ask for references. Don’t be afraid to ask for a resume of their website successes, which should include rankings on various search engines. This way you’ll separate those that just talk the talk, from those that talk the talk AND walk the walk.

If your site seems to be an underachiever, it may be time to call in the professional, an experienced SEO company. And don’t settle for anything but the best. It will be reflected in your site’s success.

A 360-Degree Approach to Public Relations: The New Spin Doctors

This is not “The Father of Spin” Edward Bernays style spin,  but rather a strategic process that looks at all available media channels and leverages each to drive deeper conversation and awareness around our clients’ messages, products, people and ideas.

Some PR360 practitioners continue to craft a press release and send it to everyone on their media list. However, this blanket approach rarely garners the amount of attention that thoughtfully crafted, unique proposals engender, prior to being widely distributed.

The most successful PR360 people take a strategic approach and identify which editor or publication would best tell the story and where to spark a groundswell of conversation.

Once you have the message crafted and released to the appropriate media you need to decide which social platforms could fuel this story.

While social media content development is a category all by itself, digital media must be fully integrated into your outreach for every campaign. We need to communicate with consumers on each platform with customized and personal messages crafted for their needs and thereby amplify the message way beyond traditional platforms like TV, print and even radio.

Conversely, every TV, print and radio public relations campaign should be maximized by crafting additional content and messaging for each relevant social media channel. Bear in mind that email blasts and the websites of top print publications are garnering as much traction as – if not more than – their print counterparts.

At VP+C many of our campaigns involve product launches and typically we need to tell a design story.  Maybe it’s a fashion story about floral prints that resonates on hipster gardening home blogs? Does that floral print inspire a Pinterest board and an Instagram campaign to celebrate spring and the new florals?

The PR target audience today is not only comprised of editors, the media and influencers.  It’s our job to lead and manage the consumer conversations taking place around the brand, use them to inform our strategy, and keep the dialog fresh, while adding to our exposure and influence.

Remember however, the story itself has to resonate. Smart journalistic text, honest news value, strong visuals, arresting facts and well-edited video content are keys to long and smooth sailing.